Sunday, August 1, 2010

The most worst & boring day

There are times when we face a day that is mostly boring with worst experiences. Today its my turn to experience that kind of day.

Incident 1....
Previous night I had the worst sleep... I dont know why I had such a disturbed sleep. My eye lids fall off due to over drowsyness and when I close my eyes, the next moment I come across a horrible dream and I woke up suddenly assuming something ferrocious is happening. But the moment I woke up I don't remember what's that 'something' is!! My heart pounds because of the fear I experience. This was the situation till 4AM in the morning. Then I had a good sleep but woke up at 5.30 to attend my Yoga class. I was the only person who is continuously yawning in the class.My teacher made me do some new yogasanas in which I successfully failed to atleast stand in that posture for 3 seconds. Coz of this disturbedness, I left the class early and reached home.

Incident 2
Got ready and came to office. I found that all my team members are on leave except one boring guy. A missed call from my boss which means to call him from office phone. 'Ghosh man!!!' were the words that came out from my mouth and I called him. 'All my work is delegated to you for today' - that's the summary of the talk. He asked me to check his mails.. the worstest mail was... He being awarded for the work I have done on his behalf. 'Shucks!!' were the words that came out and informed him the same.When some one gets the reward for the work which you have done heart moans with utmost pain. Later I thought 'Every dog has its day. I also will have my day very soon. Hmmmm!'

Incident 3
Started doing the work and remembered that its my colleague's b'day. Mailed him wishing for the special day and CCed all my other team members. Another colleague came and asked me to send a mail to all informing about the surpirse b'day party. He said 'Note: Do not include the b'day boy.' Said 'Okay!' and I have put a mail. Every one was eagerly waiting for the clock to show 5PM so that they can surprise their friend/team mate and in turn can eat the cake,chips,samosas................. At 3PM comes my manager like a hero into the work area. Checked his mail.... Imagine what he has done as next step??? Grrrrrrrrr....... He forwarded the party mail to B'day boy and specifically mentioning 'looping Mr.xxxx'. Such a senseless deed. Huh!! No one can raise their voice against him as he is our manager and so we all kept quiet.

Incident 4
Coz of all the bad experiences during the day, opened my office portal and tried to login. Clicked 'Login' button for 1st time and message appeared 'Incorrect Username or Password'. Was thinking a lot and scolding the portal ' what happened to this bloody portal. why is it not allowing me to login'.Tried for 4 times. After 4th time I realised that the employee ID given in user name is not my ID but its my boss's ID. This is because eariler I used his ID to login to his mail, some how it got struck in my mind and speaking to the employee in next seat, I gave his ID. So, this proves that software never makes an error. Its always works as per the human commands. Should see my condition.... for a fraction of second my mind went blank. Because, by this time a mail might have sent to my boss's mail box saying 'account blocked'. I thought of calling him and conveying the message. But, he might misunderstand that I tried to view his account in his absence - which will really create a bad impression on me.'What should be done now?' is the next question.. Two options...

Option1: Just keep quiet as my boss can never track who has blocked his account

Option2: Open his mail and reset the password. Tomorrow he comes and tries to open, it will be blocked again as he doesnt know the password I have set.

I felt disgusted for having this kind of ideas in my mind. I immediately called my boss on his mobile, explained him what has happened. Asked him to check his mail and expressed my apologies in depth for being so absent minded.My boss, with very warm voice told me 'Arrey... no problem!! I understand. Am really glad that you informed me immediately without keeping it with you. I appreciate it. Regarding account blockage, I will deal with it tomorrow. Don't worry.' I felt very relieved.

Did you understand why I came across all these bad experiences??? Just because of lack of sleep and in turn turning off my mood. There might be some nights during which we may have very less sleep. But we need not disturb our rest of the day because of that.

If my boss is getting awarded I shouldn't feel bad. Because its just bcoz of him that I got a chance to work on that particular module. Else no one will assign me on that module for the experience I had. I should be glad for acquiring an oppurtunity to work on it. Instead I felt bad for he being awarded.

When sending the B'day party mail I might have mentioned in the mail saying its a surprise party. But I didn't. Its my mistake also. So, I cannot blame my manager for looping Mr.xxxx.

If I was not in disturbed mood, I might not have used my boss's employee ID which might have created a big problem for me. Thanks to my boss for being so cool and understanding.

So, its all in our mind and the way we respond during the different situations. We need to have control on our mind and experience the flavour of cool mind!!!