Monday, September 30, 2013

Flavor of healthy life

If wealth is lost something is lost. But if health is lost everything is lost. How true is this saying!! Imagine a life which is no more healthier. Does it have any flavor??

Time and again all the magazines, tv channels , radio channels, websites/blogs  are echoing the tips to keep ourselves healthy. Let us recollect some of the tips which would be helpful to us.

1)      Follow proper diet – Diet doesn’t reflect restricting yourself from eating all types of food. We have to balance our foods with more of healthy foods like vegetables, sprouts, fruits, oats, cornflakes, eggs, milk etc.

2)      Avoid junk food – Like I said, we should have junk food less often. Anything in excess is poisonous. Junk food like fast food items, deep fries would increase percentage of fat in your body. This might lead to obesity. Obesity is one of the primary causes which would increase the probability of heart diseases, diabetes.

3)      Eat fresh fruits and vegetables - Per day you are supposed to eat atleast 400gm of fruits and vegetables. Let you and your family practise the good habit of munching fresh fruits instead of junk items.

4)      Workout daily – If you are having proper BMI then it would be better to do workout for at least half an hour in a day. This includes things like walking, yoga, gym.

5)      Avoid smoking & drinking.

September 29th is considered as ‘World Heart Day’. We have an ‘ABC’ principle to have a healthy heart. A for Avoid (junk food). B for Better food. C for Control (your diet) .

                Apart from following these healthy tips we also should have regular health checkups. We should not ignore any kind of ill health let it be small or big. More important is let us share our illness with our near and dear ones. Might be they have a suggestion for us which can help us in curing the illness.

                Gastirc problem is also one of the most common illness that we hear now a days. I personally had some experience in facing this illness because of ignoring it. I could have got rid of it when it was beginning. It has become a  very severe gastric problem now. I follow timely and healthy diet that will keep me away from gastric problem.

                Our health is our responsibility. As an educated person we have take care of ourselves and our family members as well. Abide to the medication that your doctor suggests. Apart from all these it is needed to ‘Stay happy and cheerful’. This will keep you healthy. Please take very good care of yourselves to feel the flavor of ‘Healthiness is wealthiness.’

Stay fit!!



  1. Nice reminder to eat healthy and stay fit. I am having an apple right after reading ur blog :)

  2. eating at right time and a proper workout daily - two things i am not able to do.

  3. Thanks dears for sparing your time in reading my post. Akka... super. an apple a day keeps a dr away :). Aunty I know how u feel wen u r not able to do something which u need. I hav been going thru same after I became a mother. Since last 2 weeks I was trying utmost to bring back my disciplined lifestyle.

  4. Jyo, did u see my FB post on body cycles and its relation to health ?
    Go through it, cut and paste it over here.