Thursday, May 27, 2010

A warm welcome to all to ‘Flavours of life’.

Dear all,

As the day goes, your moods swing from one horizon to the other. The mindset with which you start the day may not be the same when you end it. This is just a replica of everyone’s life and one must remember always that tomorrow never comes. This effort by me, through this blog is to make light of the events, a day of just 24 hours with its wide spectrums carries.

To introduce myself, I must confess that am an amateur in writing. Yet, am sure that this attempt wil reach you all dearly and deeply. In my opinion, everyone of us goes through similar phases of life each day yet, we wonder that this is only with our own lives. This forum is an attempt to make a common platform to prove and share that its all the same out there for everyone and no one is spared from these different flavours of life.

I welcome you all to make your own comments and share openly, yet as comically as possible so that we can look back at them and laugh at the most difficult times of our lives.



  1. Hey nice Start . I wish u become world famous with this blog.

  2. welcome to blogging world.......all the best

  3. wht hppnd to the otherpage u sent me? did u hav 2 pages or what?

  4. @ jyosthna.. the other one was not working fine re...