Sunday, May 30, 2010

Floavour of belief

Sri rama rama ranghunandana rama rama
Sri rama rama bharthaagraja rama rama
Sri rama rama saranam bhava rama rama
Sri rama chandra charanau manasa smarami...

My day started with this beautiful mantra 'Rama raksha Stotram'. This mantra reminded of'Sundarakanda'and immense belief that Sita had in Lord Rama.Well you may start thinking that am going to discuss about an epic. But NO!!!

I opened my eyes and told myself 'Atleast today I should wind up all of my pending works.' Well... do you wanna know what are my pending works?? Hmmm... many to pen down. Among all my highest priority goes to 'join Yoga classes'. As my life has become very irregular, I am very much desperate to learn yoga and practise a systematic life. But where should I join? Whom should I ask? Where should I enquire?... So many questions in my mind.No worries! I left to my office and started doing online search. But its of no use! Did not find any well trained yogic masters nearer to my place. I asked Sai Baba.. 'Baba.. why this happens to me everytime when I try to do something with lot of enthusiasm? Huh!!' Later, I somehow managed completing all my other works (most of them are bill paymemts). At 6.30PM in the evening I left the office and started to home.

Again the same thought 'What should I do about my yoga classes? Leave it.. Baba will tell me what to do. I gave my trials which did not give me any answer. Lets wait for Baba's answer.' I reached home and started climbing steps. Reached 3rd floor and I saw a pamplet put on the door mat in front of my flat. I told myself 'Huh... Some pamplets regarding school/play school advertisements.These people throw them unnecessarily wasting their money.' Opening the lock I just looked at the pamplet on the floor. It showed 'Yoga classes by a Yogic master.' I was surprised. There were no pamplets in front of any other flat. I looked at the address and it is just a few metres away from my home. I got Baba's answer. I thanked Baba and immediately called the master and enquired about the classes.

Now you might be thinking what is the link between this and 'Sundarakanda'. Sundarakanda tells the immense belief that Sita had in Rama when she was abducted by Ravana. She conveys all her belief in Rama to Hanuman and in turn Hanuman carries her words to Rama. And all this narration is beautifully scripted in Sundarakanda. Though there were thousands of demons around Sita torturing her to accept Ravana, she had a strong belief that Rama will come and protect her. That strong belief only has made her live for 1 year in Ravana's Ashoka vanam without water and food. And everyone knows ultimately what has happened at the end.

Friends, its only belief & hope that makes you live. My belief in my God has given me a solution to resolve my problem. Now its in my hand whether to take the step forward or not. A strong belief will make the things happen. You may believe in anything.. God/parents/friends/the process which you adopted to compelete your work... it can be anything. It does not mean to just keep the belief and sleep. You need to take the appropriate step to make your belief come true. Over all, first believe in yourself! For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible. That's the flavour of belief!

Take Care


  1. hey I had similar experiences wid BABA. Its so true that these things happen. Good start wid a good flavour!

  2. hey jo... nice experience... hope SAIBABA showers his blessings on u always like this... all the best with ur yoga classes...

  3. Jo, nice one re....All the best....