Sunday, June 6, 2010


Finally I joined in Yoga classes and started doing yoga since a week. Really its a magic.... I can feel the flavour of it. Doing yoga in early morning rejuvenates your mind and body. I never knew that one hour yoga will make you spend so many calories. In gym, I used to run on the tread mill and constantly look at the calorie count to reach that day's count. Used to count the minutes, thinking 'Huh.... how much time to complete 150 cals.. huh!!' But in daily yoga class, I don't understand how quickly the one hour time passes. The extent of tireness is more than the one which I experience in Gym but here in Yoga our mind also does excercises and so we feel fresh for the rest of the day.
My class starts at 6AM in the morning with some stretching excercises. Then we proceed with surya namaskaras which is a wonderful technique to spent your calories and also to make your body flexible. After doing 5 to 10 (depending on your interest) surya namaskaras then lie down on your back and do some abdominal exercises. Then end the yoga with 'Praanayaamam' which is a wonderful breathing technique. This praanayaamam purifies your body with breathing excercises. It is the best solution for obesity, acidity, heart problems, many more...On the 3rd day I was unable to lift my hand also because of the body pains. But continuing the excercises has made my body bit flexible at the end of the week.
In between these comes 'Savaasana' which is a relaxation technique. This relaxation technique has a drastic effect on your mind. This helps in slowing down the thought process. The mind struggles everyday with thousnads of thoughts striking it. This is controlled by the relaxation technique.
Have you ever heard the name Pathanjali Maharshi? I hope you all know that he is the father of yoga. Yoga, the India's ancient techniques were told to the world by Pathanjali Maharshi. In the present time, Baba Ramdev, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Sri Ravi Shankar (AOL) are the people who are preaching the advantages in the Yoga. These people are really doing a wonderful job by educating the people with the ancient techniques to live a healthy life. As all of us know 'Health is wealth' I recommend every one to spend some time in tuning their body to lead a healthy & happy life.

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  1. Hey

    good to see you benefiting from Yoga classes. I completely agree with you. Yoga replenishes all our energies. I always hated doing cardio. 1 hr Yoga daily just does the magic. Keep practising.


  2. Hey, ya u r is the only way you can remian attached to the nature directly and generally the whole nature is very rhythemic like daily sun rises in the morning sets in the night, seasons etc etc and it never misses out.....and by getting ourselves tuned with this nature makes our lives tooo throughly rythemic and systematic says sadguru Jaggi Vasudev........

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