Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our trip to coorg/kodagu - Part II

Hi friends,

Here is the continuation of the trip.......
So we were exploring the route in complete dark with the help of a map. At a loong distance on the top of the hill we can see a man waving a torch light. That was the homestay owner who was calling us very often and giving the directions and safety measures. Finally we were just 100 metres away and we need to take a left turn from the road. As it is mountain route we were scared to take a left turn. We took left turn and there was very narrow mud road which was made by dwelling a biiiiig rock. My driver said he cant move any more. Then my husband and brother in law got down to check the path. We were scared if there might be some wild animal. Finally they got down directed the driver to move and we in the car with driver started moving.


With in a minute drive came the beautiful home stay in front of our eyes illuminating with lights. We were sooooo much relieved to see the homestay. The homestay owner Prasad gave a warm welcome and we went into our rooms. The rooms were really awesome completely made of wood and fantastic interiors. The complete floor is made of wood and chairs are there in the corridor to enjoy the fresh air. We had bath with hot water in that cold weather and went for dinner. The dinner was home made and really fantastic.

As its already very late in the night we slept off. At 5.00 AM in the morning I suddenly woke up hearing bird chirping sounds. I opened the curtain and my mouth opened wide by looking at the beautiful greenary around the home stay. I woke up my husband and we both came out. We called my bro' in law n co-sis also. Really I cannot explain the beauty of nature in words. Previous day when we arrived as it was dark we did not realise the beauty around the homestay.
The home stay owner wished us with hot cup of tea and we went down stairs and started exploring the place. As we moved further we saw the complete area behind the homestay is covered with 90 yeaer old coffee plantations. Then the home stay owner accompanied us describing about the forest there, the types of coffee plants, black pepper trees, orange trees...... finally he told us to go through a path. As we moved ahead we saw a beautiful private natural water fall. We ran into the water and the water was soooooo pure. Its the source of drinking water for the people around that place.

We played there for a lot of time and we went back to the rooms. Had bath n and breakfast and then went out for a jungle walk. We moved into the jungle and some how we managed to get back to the homestau. But the worst part is that we all were caught with 5 to 6 small leeches. Here we have mountain trecking also but we did not prefer it. But people who went there and came back were saying that it was an amazing experience.

we enjoyed our complete stay at this place for 2 days. I suggest all the nature lovers to visit this place once. You will fall in love with the place. The homestay owners are also very good people and they helped us in all the ways to make us feel comfortable. Even the home made food was really wonderful here. We explored some of the places which are around our homestay. But its the best place to take complete rest (particularly away from this city life). Here are some more pics of the homestay.


You can have a look at the homestay and its rooms in the following URL:



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