Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our trip to coorg/kodagu - Part I

This week I want to share my beautiful experiences with all of you. Last year we had an hectic schedule for 3 months and during December we thought we want a break from the routine. Finally, my husband came out with a plan of going for a trip. But I said, I want to go to some place where I can have peace of mind and I want to be away from this boisterous surroundings atleast for 2 days.So, I selected Coorg or Kodagu valley which is in Karnataka. My brother in law & co-sister were also interested to join the trip. After 2 days of my survey/browsing/enquiries, I sketched a 4 day trip plan via Bangalore. All the preperations/bookings were done in next 2 days.

The day arrived and we started from Hyderabad and reached Bangalore. From there we hired a taxi to coorg and the taxi would be with us for all the 3 days. We started at 6.30AM from Bangalore in car. We all were so enthusiastic to reach the place and enjoy the nature. But, there were so many places to visit on the way from Bangalore to coorg. Our first place of visit is 'Golden Temple/Monestary' which is near 'Periyapatna'.

This monestary was really beautiful and the temple had lot of wall paintings which reflected some of the buddhist ancient history. There are 3 idols in the main temple which are very huge and made of gold.

Also there is a model of the monestary placed in the temple which is really awesome. By the time we entered the temple it was prayer time and all the monks entered and sat at their places. Every one started chanting some words and some of the monks started playing music with drums and long trumpets.
We started again in the car and our next place of visit is 'Nisargadhama' in Kushalnagar. A forest resort which is really an awesome place. Here there is a hanging bridge which leads to a forest area. We reached a place where we saw 'cauvery' river. The place was really beautiful.

After enjoying at this place we started our journey again as we need to reach the destination before dark.After Kushalnagar we took a left turn from the highway to visit 'Dubare' an elephant forest. We came out of the car and found a lake type cauvery river flowing. We are on one bank of the river and the other side of the bank (which is just few meters away) is the place of elephants home. There are many motor boats and we got into one to reach the other side. It was really an awesome experience touching the water while travelling in the boat. When we reached the other bank of the river we found that elephant are in the forests and they reach the river by exactly 5.30PM everyday to take the bath. Its their daily routine. We heard that at 5.30 PM elephants in large number reach the river. But its oonly 3.30PM and we were only half way through our journey. So we played for some time in cauvery river and started our journey again.

Actually there are two ways to reach the destination. One is via virajpet and one is via Madikeri. Via Madikeri is the shortest and good route but you will be able to see Dubare forests only if you go via Virajpet. The journey via this virajpet is really very worst. By the time we reached Coorg its already 6 PM in the evening and it started getting dark. But unfortunately our Homestay is still 6 to 7 Km from this place.

This route is the path made to reach the top of the hill and it really had hairpin bends. We with a map in our hand started directing the driver showing the path. There is neither atleast one street light nor a human being to show us the way. I scolded myself a 100 times for booking that homestay even after that much of survey. The driver whom we hired told me he would never ever take a chance to come to that place any more in future. Imagine my situation....!!! Though my husband, bro-in-law & my co-sis were trying to calm me down saying there is no fault from my side, I was totally dejected.

You might be thinking... Then how come the trip was wonderful experience......??? This is the point from where our real trip/adventure started...... Keep watching the space to know how we managed to reach the place in complete dark with heart pounding in high frequency............



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